Regular, accessible community workouts.




Creative Prism

quarterly, free

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Creative Prism - short talks by creative minds about living a creative lifestyle.

This format highlights creative individuals from our community and showcases the broad range of ways to live a creative life. It's not so much about the what then rather about the how and about very unconventional takes on creativity in the intersection of tech, design, neuro-science, art ....


Community Workouts

monthly / bi-monthly, free

Our notorious community workouts are free, short, roughly 1.25h, mostly monthly sessions.

They are similar in the rundown yet always different with regard to the topic. We usually start with a warm-up exercise and give a short theory input before we do the main challenge. In the end there is time to mingle with other community members and talk about projects. Topics vary from problem solving, design research, storytelling, ideation techiques, graphic design 101, ...



irregular, various settings

We constantly, but irregularly, experiment with new event formats.

We explore creativity and certain skills in depth in workshops or run a session with the OpenIDEO Vienna Chapter (that we organise). Sometimes you find us giving talks during various events. 


Past events

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