In the zone

Copyright: Von Glitschka

Copyright: Von Glitschka



Von Glitschka

Von is creative director of Glitschka Studios a small two-person boutique design firm located in the Pacific Northwest. Their diverse range of illustrative design has promoted some of the most respected brands in the world. They creatively collaborate with ad agencies, design firms, in-house corporate art departments, and small businesses to produce engaging visual narratives.

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Twitter: @vonster
Instagram: vglitschka


Tell us about your work

"All of our designs and artwork start in analog in some what shape or form. We never just jump on the box and noodle around we try to create from a distinct informed perspective but figuring out what we’re going to create before we create it." - Von

Hear some information on selected artwork of Von.



Painted Snake: This started as an experimentation for me. Hand painting strokes, vectorizing them and using Illustrator to create authentic looking painterly artwork.



Avoiding the Realm: Illustrated this on an iPad Pro using an app called Concepts. I than push it to my desktop and texturize in Photoshop. When I draw these I don’t think too much about it I just open up the flood gate and see what pours out. Because of that I don’t provide any preamble for viewers, I like to let the viewer define the meaning for themselves with this style I call ‘Super Doodles.’



Paint Strokes: With the ‘Painted Snake’ illustration that came about when I forced myself to paint a logotype for a local TEDx event and discovered I could create vector brushes and this image shows how I painted them out initially.



Building Tiger: Here is my initial stage of building out an illustration. In this case a tiger coming out from a jungle setting. I create all the base vectors before I start coloring. I have about 7 more hours worth of work from this point to get final artwork.


Our point of view

In this section we interpret the work from our perspective and describe why we selected it to be featured. 

"In the zone" is another neat illustration on the topic of creativity created by Von Glitschka. The artwork strikingly conveys the state of mind while creating something. This state is often called 'flow'. 

Being in the zone means that a person is engaging in an activity and is totally immersed in that activity. People report to feel energised, focused and enjoying the process of creation when in the zone. A lot claim to loose the feeling for time and hours pass in felt minutes.

The illustration shows a character, that seems to be in that zone. A burning fire fuels its creativity while in the process of creating something. It looks like if the creation is a puddle of water the stems from the brain. The brain is where all our creative thinking starts. 

We chose to display this illustration as it nicley presents this somewhat mad state of mind and frenzy of happiness. 


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