Floating Brain



Stephan Kardos, Founder Creativity Gym


Tell us about your work

Stephan Kardos:
"The floating brain was a concept while looking for a creativity gym logo. I came up pretty early with the headband and brain sujet. Later I added the sweat drop to symbolise the trainings character of my project. Eventually I wanted to symbolise the state of flow during the creative process. As inspiration I found another logo that was floating of a Belgian design studio Lunar Gravity (https://lunargravity.be).

I truly believe, and academic research point into the same direction, the creativity is a trait, that can be trained. Hence, I fell in love with the idea, that our brain wears a headband and we work it out just as we would work out our biceps.

Everyone is born with the capacities to produce creative work and live creative lives. It's a matter of choice (to quote psychologist Robert Sternberg) and we all decide ourselves whether we design this creative life we are striving for (or not)."


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Stephan Kardos