Puzzle Factory


Copyright: Kinga Jakabffy aka KINGAS GRAPES!



Kinga Jakabffy aka KINGAS GRAPES!


I am an artist based in Vienna, Austria. Through black and white illustrations with many details and acrylic paintings with strong contrasts, I try to work through the deep emotional bits of human relationships and get to the bottom of how personal identity is created.

As I hold a master’s degree in communication science my work is also influenced by current social, technological and political developments that need
to be challenged. As an experiment, I recently published my first book!

Website: www.kingasgrapes.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kingas.grapes/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/kingas.grapes/


Tell us about your work

The Puzzle Factory shows my take on the creative process. Creativity is changing the shape of puzzle pieces while you’re trying to put them together. You don’t change their shape to make it easier, but to create something that hasn’t existed before. You keep connecting impulses until you reach the not obvious.

The artwork demonstrates that creativity requires you to trust the process. First there is observation, then you add emotions and time. If you try skipping parts of the path, you’ll end up with something that isn’t original. Besides resting phase, trial and error phase is mandatory. It comes with a pinch of fear of failure. Here’s when you need to trust your guts and keep on working. Finally, there’s the outcome – the puzzle piece in a new shape!

Without initial chaos and the urge to make sense of it, without time, effort and trust the outcome won’t be good. Creativity for me is self-therapy and hard work at the same time. It’s the only way to make others feel something, too.


Other project


"Doors Wide Shut" by Kinga Grapes


Do you have any creative habit

I usually do my best work when I’m overflowing with emotions and impulses. Then I just start with a line, a word or a stroke and I don’t know what the outcome will be, until it is done. I always work analogue on paper or canvas first, before editing digitally (as little as possible) for the final touch. I usually stick to black and white, because it requires me to reduce the idea to a binary visual, a yes or no situation.

However, when I need to work on a specific project with a briefing, what works best for me is to plant a question in my brain and then let it go for some days. For example, with this Spotlight project – I asked myself what creativity is to me and then deliberately worked on other things for some days. Afterwards, I brainstormed and poured all my ideas into my notebook. That’s when I subconsciously started drawing puzzle pieces, which became the idea for the Puzzle Factory. I deal with creative work as if it was a problem that needs a solution, but as it is an emotional process, I can’t apply analytical methods.

To stay creative, I travel a lot. It’s my go-to method for collecting new impulses! I try to leave for some days at least every two weeks and visit as many new places as possible. I also always listen to music. When you feel for a living, you need to find ways to make you feel something. I love mellow beats like Degiheugi or Ta-ku, but also very emotional music like Sóley, Sufjan Stevens or the Deezer Session by Agnes Obel. You can find all of these in my KINGAS.GRAPES playlists on Spotify.


Our point of view

In this section we interpret the work from our perspective and describe why we selected it to be featured. 

The "Puzzle Factory" by Kinga Grapes is a real gem. Both, the artwork itself and the artist's description give viewers a great sense of how the creative process can feel. 

Looking at the artwork, we observe a quirky path. The creative process unfolds as a journey that leads you to new, unexpected places. However, it requires delayed gratification and tolerance for ambiguity. Otherwise, you won't come up with an original and appropriate puzzle piece (or idea for that matter) for your situation at hand. 

The artwork demonstrates at least another important factor when it comes to creativity. Creativity is not a sudden flash of divine-like insight but requires active choice from you as a person. Even if the choice is to step back for a moment from the problem at hand to spark inspiration from your subconscious mind. 

Eventually we love the metaphor of puzzle pieces and looking for ways to shape and connect them. Consider the individual pieces as experiences, thoughts and inspirations that you collect over time. As you try to connect them, you shape them in order to make them fit resulting in a fresh, original and meaningful new idea.

From this perspective, creativity is very much about connecting and combining existing things.  


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