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Copyright: Claire Williamson



Claire Williamson aka Yes, Please, Palm Trees! 

I am a freelance graphic designer & illustrator based out of Vienna, Austria and Dunsborough, Australia. I specialize in logo creation and illustrations but love to create all sorts of visuals for my clients! I thrive on helping entrepreneurs and small businesses visually express their brand's message and move forward with confidence. 




Tell us about your work

"Mixed media (paper and photography) collage I made with the themes 'play' and 'creativity' in mind ... For me, creativity is cultivated by staying alert, paying attention, and looking at the world around me with curious eyes.

Ideas are everywhere, waiting to jump into your head and be realized through thoughts and actions. I think it just takes a little bit of intent and interest to see them. I made this collage to encourage myself and others to actively seek out inspiration everyday.

To look at the mundane, make connections, and create something new, interesting or amusing. Those little ideas are waiting to be found! Go find them :)))"


Our point of view

In this section we interpret the work from our perspective and describe why we selected it to be featured. 

We couldn't agree more with the artists interpretation of her artwork. Indeed curiosity and an open mind are magnifiers for creativity to occure in the first place.

If your mind is primed to discover new things or to see novel aspects in old and mundane things, you surly find enough inspiration for creative endeavours to follow. As Pasteur put it: "Le hasard ne favorise que les esprits préparés" which translates as "Chance favours the prepared mind."

Again it boils down to a simple choice you can make: do you accept things as is or do you question them and try to discover novel aspects? Are you willing to put in the extra effort for the possibility to gain a fresh insight? Despite all odds that most probably they won't lead to anything in the short run?

Try this: for a week, spend 10 minutes every day to rediscover something new in a familiar object. As usually we recommend to take notes :)


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