Brain workout


Copyright: Botond Kelemen



Botond Kelemen

Hi! I'm Botond Kelemen, a young digital artist, currently studying sculpture at Linz Art University. 

I work with the Blender program. I get a lot of inspiration for cinematographe, movies and I watch many tutorials on youtube. 

In most cases, I strive to show realistic textures and materials in an unusual context, a little surreal. Emotional transfer, creating life situations, creating an atmosphere is the goal. I would not say my style is unified, the more I get to know the program, the more I change.

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Our point of view

In this section we interpret the work from our perspective and describe why we selected it to be featured. 

It’s a freaking brain with a headband. How can we anything else then amazed by this artwork. Not only is the artist super young but already with 20 years one of the most talented sculptures in his home country (Hungary). Full disclosure: Botond is my (Stephan) cousin but we are very much inspired by his work.

You also know what we think about headbands and the brain. Damn right, your creativity is a muscle that needs to be trained and shaped. Maybe this nice little render will remind you of this :)


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