Copyright: Andrii Selimov

Copyright: Andrii Selimov



My name is Andrii Selimov.

I'm graphic designer and illustrator...well, sometimes I work on the UI/UX ;)
Originally I'm from Ukraine, but for the last 5 years I've been living and working in Poland.
I adore traveling and discover the world as well as experiment with different techniques and styles.

Here are some pages where you can check my works:



Tell us about your work

Andrii Selimov:
"The name of this work is ''Uncork'', which means the process of opening a wine bottle or barrel. The idea behind this work is that we should let the ideas ''ferment'' for a while in our subconscious. Then all you need is guess the proper time, when it's ready, and to be open to accept our own ideas and let them live."


Our point of view

In this section we interpret the work from our perspective and describe why we selected it to be featured. 

We are happy to present to you "uncork" as our first spotlight share. We are big fans of clear shapes and lines and we found the color palette very harmonic. 

The description of "fermenting" very much reminded us of the incubation phase during the creative process.

This is usually the phase, where step back from a problem after you acquired certain skills, expertise and knowledge and let your subconsciousness take over. 

We love the metaphor of novel ideas being like excellent wine in the fermenting process. A good idea also takes just the right amount of time before you it manifests itself and is ready to work on. 

In contrast to a good bottle of wine, the real work usually starts once you have a flash of insight. Cheers.


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