Tools for changemakers - practice your design mindset & skillset.

Here we curated and link to some of the best and freely available design-based tools on the web to re-kindle your creative confidence. We mainly share hands-on resources on Design Thinking, Customer Experience and User Experience Design.

Also you'll find our 15-slides workbook, our hands-on guide for your design thinking challenge, as well as recommended readings.


Design Thinking Resources

Stanford Bootcamp Bootleg

A practical "cookbook" with design thinking techniques. To start right away and for practice, try these mini-challenges. The bootleg was developed by the Stanford community.

Design Kit

A great collection of well explained, hands-on tools and techniques that help you in each design thinking phase. Design Kit is an initiative.

Google Ventures sprints

GV sprints are a lean, design-based 5-day process to tackle your business challenges. We recommend to check out this resource by Google Ventures once you are familiar with the design thinking basics as it has elements of it, yet is different including lean principles.

Customer Experience Mapping Resources

Designing CX

A great starting point and tool collection to learn the customer journey methodology and to apply the technique in your own projects. Designing CX is an initiative of various oracle employees.

Adaptive Path experience map guide

A very good follow-up resource for those that want to dig deeper and master nuances of experience mapping. This handy guide is by

Most important thing is to apply the tools at hand and practice with them.
If you have questions on any of the tools above, send us an e-mail to:

Our design thinking workbook & book recommendations

Our Workbook

We are involved in a lot of projects & workshops and can not be everywhere. Therefore we'd like to share a hands-on workbook. It's a good intro to work on your challenge (with your team).

Recommended readings

  • Tom & David Kelley, Creative confidence
  • Tim Brown, Change by design
  • Ellen Lupton, Graphic design thinking: beyond brainstorming
  • Scott Doorley & Scott Witthoft, Make space
  • Daniel H. Pink, A whole new mind
  • Ken Robinson, Out of our minds