Our current projects

Through our projects we explore various ways to explore creativity beyond our formats. This is our playground guided by our curiosity and playfulness.

The Creativity Canvas


The Creativity Canvas is a tool for people to understand, to explore, to talk about and to develop their creativity and that of their surroundings.


Idea Athlete


Idea Athlete is a 10-day-challenge to train your creative muscle. Every day for 10 days, you’ll get a prompt on which you apply an ideation technique we teach you via email. After that you can sign-up for a 60 day challenge.


Wanna cooperate?

We relentlessly experiment with and cooperate on meaningful projects, products and (learning) experiences.

If you feel that joining up over a joint project would be a great idea, write us a few lines about you, your project and your purpose. We are open for nearly anything that is meaningful.

Write to: hello@creativitygym.at