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We relentlessly experiment with and cooperate on meaningful projects, products and (learning) experiences.

Wanna cooperate?

If you feel that joining up over a joint project would be a great idea, write us a few lines about you, your project and your purpose. We are open for nearly anything that is meaningful.

Write to: hello@creativitygym.at


Projects / Collaborations


Changemaker Card Game

A card game (Changemaker) that raises awareness for the global goals and inspires teens to consider themselves as changemakers. The first set of card games was printed in a volume of 2000 units under a well-known games label.


OpenIDEO Vienna Chapter

We organise the local OpenIDEO Vienna Chapter where people learn and apply their design skills to create impact. As a chapter we realize rad projectsLearn how to join the Chapter.



Spotlight is a project to highlight inspiring work from designers and artists. Every two weeks, we feature another artist who interprets the prompt 'creativity' and display it on our landing page.