Formats for your organisation

Our offers for organisations of all kind. No matter if NPO, incubator, company or start-up. We have the right creativity workouts for you.


Lightning talks ⚑

We give a 60 minutes lightning talk on creativity to shed light on the very basics. Why is common brainstorming rarely successful? What is a good creative approach? Why is creativity important anyhow? Small exercises are part of these talk.


Workouts 🧠

We offer workouts over 1 or 2 days. Together with your team and colleagues we untap your creative potential in various, well-orchestrated exercises. The aim of these workouts is to increase your organisation’s’ innovation capacities.


Custom Project 🌈

Do you have something else in mind? Maybe you want to integrate creativity training into your development program. Or you want to run a hackathon. Whatever it is - if it has to do with creativity training, we can dream up rad things together with you.