Time + Space + Mindfulness + Motivation =

Creativity Lab



Creativity is not restricted to a few 'chosen' ones. Actually, it's the way round: people choose to be creative (or not). The 'lab' can help you to build a strong creative habit.

What this is

Imagine you had regular times, a dedicated space and guidance to pursue your creative project amidst equally motivated people.

Our lab is exactly that: a learning and working environment designed for curious people to experience their creative abilities.

How this runs down

It's simple: We meet for 1 hour 15 minutes, 2 times a week for a month - that is roughly 10 hours in total.

15 minutes are warm-up; the rest you use individually to work on your creative project or to learn a skill you need to pursue an idea. 

Why it's worth a try

Participants develop and strengthen their creative habits as they work on their own creative projects.

After having participated in the studio, they can transfer their experiences and habits to other projects.


(Deadline 2 February 2017)




The studio will take place at our friends' space at Qualitätszeit.

We'll have WIFI, enough space and tables for individual working. Everything else you need, you need to bring along.

You need to be able to clean your working space within 15 minutes after the session.



The 1st badge runs down Tuesdays and Fridays in February.

Kick off*
TUE, 7 February 2017
6:15 pm - 7:30 pm

(14, 21, 28 February 2017)
6:15 pm - 7:00 pm

(10, 17, 24 February 2017)
5:15 pm - 6:30 pm

TUE, 28 February 2017
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm (after the session)

*The kick-off location will be announced with your confirmation.



We will make sure that you get out most of these sessions. 

That means that we will have a kick-off and debrief session and guide you through a 15 minutes exercise before each session.

With each input, you'll learn more about creativity that supports you to pursue and further develop your creative habits. 



We provide the right environment and invite committed people. 

It's on you, however, to bring the right dose of motivation to the table and be clear about what you'll work on or what skill you set out to learn. 

Motivation also means that you respect the schedule (e.g. punctuality) and others (e.g. loudness). 


(Deadline 2 February 2017)


What is this?

The 'Lab' is a programme to build up and strengthen creative habits. You work on your creative project, build up creative confidence and are provided with space, time and guidance. 



We want to create (and experiment with) environments and design programs that support curious minds to act in a creative way. Too many people opt-out of being creative; we want people to regain their creative confidence.

Again, why?

Good question. We think that creativity and design are very important to tackle challenges in the 21st century. The more people re-gain their creative confidence, the more beautiful things will happen. We might be wrong, but it's worth a try.

When is it?

We'll meet throughout February 2017 for 6 sessions (excluding kick-off and debrief session), twice per week for 1:15h per session. In sum, you'll invest around 8 hours on your project and creative habit building.

How much does it cost?

It's free.

Come on. Nothing is for free!

You are right. You'll support us in our endeavours to build creative communities. You can give us honest feedback. You can appreciate the offer by being on time for the sessions. Also, this might change in future but for now it costs zero.

Who can apply?

Anybody who wants to pursue a creative project can apply. The application takes less than 5 minutes. We just want to know what project you want to work on and what drives you to do so. The only criteria for your project is, that you create something novel (at least novel for you) and something of value. With value we mean, that pursuing your project is useful (at least for you). 

Which projects are suitable?

You can pursue any project: working on a book concept or even writing the first few lines, coding an app, organizing an event, dreaming up something new for your project or start-up, learn a skill that you'll need for a future project (e.g. code or design), conceptualize a photo series, sketch out a laboratory experiment, ....

What projects are NOT suitable?

The Lab is not meant as free space where you work on chores like responding to emails, client acquisition or finishing your bookkeeping. Also it's not meant for your daily business operations. All of the above is important too, but not the aim of this program. The focus is on dreaming up, creating and evolving new products, services or experiences or to learn a skill required to do so.

How is this different to other Creativity Gym offers?

Both, the community workouts and the Lab, foster creativity. The former focuses on specific creativity and design skills, methods and tools. The latter is a space that helps to build up creative habits and support you with your creative projects. Both are free.

It's different to other workshops we offer where you learn creativity and design skills in more depth; for these workshops we charge a fee.

Why should I apply?

You should apply if you are someone who wanted to accomplish a creative (side) project for some time but never got to it because 'things' just got in your way. This program should help you.

The Creativity Lab is a concept, that will give you time, space and guidance amongst equally motivated people. You'll learn how to channel your creative capacities to accomplish further things in future. 

When shouldn't I apply

You shouldn't apply if you are not serious about your creative project and know in advance that you might miss 2 or more sessions. The dates should be in your calendar and only missed exceptionally (We know that things can happen). Also, you need to come to the kick-off and debrief session.

You can't take part if your activities will require some special equipment or machines or if your activities will be (too) loud and disturbing e.g. constantly phoning in order to organize something. Also, if you can't clean up your working space within 15 minutes after the session.

What happens after application?

We would love to support every creative project but have space for 8 participants only. We will go through all the applications and answer you as soon as possible.

After you have been selected, we will all meet for a 1,5h pre-session to get to know each other, to kick-off the 4 exciting weeks ahead and to learn more about each others goal for that time.  After the 4 weeks, at the last session, we'll have a roughly 1 hour debrief session.

Who is doing this?

Stephan of the Creativity Gym. If you have any questions send an e-mail to hello@creativitygym.at.

Our friends at Qualitätszeit support us with space (the name fits perfect to the program).


(Deadline 2 February 2017)