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Creative Prism N° 6

  • House of Bandits Kauergasse 10, 6 1150 Wien Austria (map)

Creative Prism N° 6

TUE, June, 11, 2019, 6:00 - 9:00 pm


Short, hand-selected stories about creativity.

CREATIVE PRISM is a quarterly talk-series that features hand-selected creative minds who share insights on HOW to live a more creative life and WHY. The format also features unconventional and scientific views on creativity.  



Attending Creative Prism means:

  • 3 inspirational talks from highly creative community members sharing their insights

  • getting tipps for action, tools & hacks to live a creative lifestyle

  • informal and relaxed networking with the Viennese creative community





I’m Dre - an illustrator from New York City, currently based in Vienna. I illustrate daily life with a combination of jaunty lines and humor. I love all things handmade and making people smile. My specialty is casting ordinary things in a playful light on everything and anything--from wedding stationary and textiles to custom illustrations and short animations for editorial purposes.
Instagram handle: @thingsdremakes



Ines Häufler works as a story consultant and writer for film and crossmedia projects, and shares her knowledge about storytelling in workshops and lectures. She is also the author of two cartoon books and several short stories.



Bailey Richardson has dedicated her career to researching, supporting, and storytelling about benevolent communities.

She's a founding partner of the agency People & Company, host of the podcast Get Together, and co-author of a book titled Get Together, a modern guidebook for building communities (Fall 2019).

Previously, she was one of the early employees at Instagram, where she worked on the community team, organizing face-to-face gatherings as well as building relationships with, writing about people using the platform in creative ways. She’s also worked for IDEO, StoryCorps, and Pop-Up Magazine. 



Andrea “Dre” Scharf - Viewing the day-to-day through a playful lens

“I want to talk about the benefits of putting a spin on daily mundane situations and how this also highlights relatability between us. I‘ll include some bonus tips on how to get sh*t done if you’re a perfectionist and tend to overthink everything ;)”

Ines Häufler - #becreative365

„Some years ago I realized that I am stuck in front of a computer screen most of the time and how much I missed being creative. So on January 1st, 2011, I decided to start a side project and do something creative every day, for one year."

Bailey Richardson - Combinatorial Creativity: How we find inspiration in one another

“Combinatorial Creativity: How we find inspiration in one another.

I'll hit two points: 

  1. Ground the concept inspiration from a personal point of view. Personally, I love to take inspiration from the crowd.

  2. Then zoom in on a few principles / examples of interesting communities I've studied in which members successfully and meaningfully share information/insights/ideas that lead to creative inspiration.” 



18:00 - Open Door

18:30 - Welcome by Stephan Kardos

18:40 - Talk by Andrea “Dre” Scharf, Viewing the day-to-day through a playful lens

18:55 - Talk by Ines Häufler, #becreative365

19:10 - Talk by Bailey Richardson, Combinatorial Creativity

19:25 - Panel interview moderated by Stephan Kardos and Q&As

19:45 - Networking over a drink

21:00 - End



House of Bandits is a +1000m2 coworking space, a community of creators and a creative agency in the fields of innovative media.



Creative Prism is a free community format that we organise. We put in quite some effort to curate an interesting experience for our visitors.

We want to keep it affordable and accessible but your appreciation at the event is more than welcome if you'd like to help us to keep the lights on :)

We recommend the equivalent of a movie ticket (around € 5-10) but are happy about any amount that you chip in at the event.




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