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Graphic Design Basics for "Non-Designers"

Although design is not reserved to how it looks like, some graphic design basics aren't bad either. In this session you will exercise some basic graphic design concepts that can help you to build up creative confidence and enhance your (visual) problem solving skills.

The rundown

The first fifteen minutes are reserved for introduction. Who is here and what's their background? If you miss that, you won't know who is at the table :)

Before we start to flex our creative muscles, we will hear some insights from Harald Palma, a designer who started with graphic design 20 years ago. He will share his experiences and tips in a 20 minutes kick-off. This is a premier a Creativity Gym premier and we are happy to have an external expert with us.

After that, you will first learn about 3 basic graphic design concepts and apply them right away in 2 or 3 exercises. Specifically you will learn about: (a)symmetry, scale, hierarchy and grids (and maybe framing). You will see that you can already achieve a lot by applying those basics. You do not need any particular graphical skills. The focus is on basic techniques that are easy to learn and to apply right away.

Bring your favorite pens or pencils in 2-3 different weights and/or colors and you are set. If you want to bring your laptop (Word and Powerpoint are enough) for more diverse experiments. 

The input and exercises should take around 60 minutes.

You start into your evening with new visual skills and the great feeling of having flexed your creative muscles. The class is not designed for seasoned (graphic) designers since we really cover some basics.

Your creative coaches for this evening

Harald Palma, founder of palmadesign and seasoned graphic designer with more than 20 years of experience. Studied at the Graphische followed by studies in graphic design. Freelancing in San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Vienna.

Stephan Kardos, founder of the Creativity Gym and an autodidact Designer who acquired his graphic design skills in various self-started projects, developed those ever since and even designed a card game once. 

In a nutshell

Fun, relaxed, easy going yet you’ll learn new design techniques that can help you professionally or personally while meeting like-minded people.

Why Graphic Design Basics?

While well designed graphical work is a craft and art that demands continuous practice to master, everybody can learn and apply graphic basics. Improved graphic skills can help in many areas, private and professional. From the enhanced powerpoint presentation, over confidence to get started with this visual project you had in mind to enhanced visual problem solving skills. Everybody can benefit from a basic understanding of visual language.

CU Soon :)