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Experience Mapping

  • Das MΓΆbel CafΓ© Burggasse 10 1070 Vienna Austria (map)

Experience (or Journey) Mapping is a great way to emphasize with your customers and users or to think about (own) experiences in a more complete way. In this workshop you learn a handy design tool that you can apply professionally or even in your private life.

The rundown

First we'll give you a rough introduction on the topic and tool. Then we'll give you two mini-tasks to exercise our newly acquired knowledge. We'll discuss our designs with other participants while enjoying an after-work drink. You end your working day with a new design skill and the great feeling of having flexed your creative muscles.

In a nutshell

Fun, relaxed, easy going yet you’ll learn a new design tool that can help you professionally or personally while meeting like-minded people.

Why Journey Mapping?

Knowing how your users and customers experience your offer can help you to improve or innovate your products and services. Moreover it's a handy tool to reflect on and delibaretley design experiences in your own life. When creating journey maps, you train various creative skills along the way: empathy, sketching, synthesising and ideation. It's perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, people with a creative project in mind or curious individuals eager to exercise their creative muscle.

CU Soon :)