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Creative Problem Solving Practice

One way to think about creativity is the ability to solve problems in a novel and appropriate way. However, it is not always easy to generate novel and desirable ideas. The challenge is that thinking creatively requires you to change how you think. And this shift needs to be trained. And this is exactly what will happen in this community workout.

This workout is another premier. We'll focus on creative problem solving by tackling little challenges. Each challenge will force you to leave conventional thinking paths. After this workout you will feel more comfortable to use creative thinking styles in your job, in your hobby or in your everyday life. 

Who should join:

  • people who try to solve difficult problems in their job or privatley
  • people who would like to train creative thinking styles
  • people who want to enjoy an after work drink while exercising their creative muscle
  • people interested in creativity, design and innovation

The exercises will also give us plenty of topics to chat about while we enjoy an after-work drink. It will be relaxed and easygoing, much fun, yet you’ll train creativity, design skills & idea muscle. The only thing you need is your favorite pen.

Join us to meet like minded people, train your design skills, ask for advice or feedback on anything and everything, learn what the Creativity Gym is all about, or just have a drink with us!