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Ideation - Idea generating practice

Idea generation is an essential design element. Being confident in generating ideas and a strong 'idea muscle' (aka your brain) will help you with your (and others) challenges. It also will allow you to see more opportunities for solutions where others don't.

This workout is another premier. We'll focus on one idea generation technique and practice it with a few simple exercises. By the end of the workout, you will have generated a double-digit number of ideas (alone and with others) and learned about how you can implement those techniques into your daily routine.

The exercises will also give us plenty of topics to chat about while we enjoy an after-work drink. It will be relaxed and easygoing, much fun, yet you’ll train creativity, design skills & idea muscle. The only thing you need is your favorite pen.

Join us to meet like minded people, train your design skills, ask for advice or feedback on anything and everything, learn what the Creativity Gym is all about, or just have a drink with us!

After the session you'll be more confident in generating ideas – Promise!

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