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Designing for Creativity

  • tba Vienna Austria (map)

Creativity is an active choice and you deliberately need to design your lifestyle for creativity. In this workshop we will look at different possibilities to hack your everyday life and discover possibilities to design creative habits. 

The rundown

First we'll give you a rough introduction to some creativity basics. Then we'll give you prompts and mini-tasks that guide you towards identifying possibilities for new creative lifestyle habits. We'll discuss our designs with other participants while enjoying an after-work drink. You end your working day with lots of new insights and maybe a new inspiration to choose (more) creativity in your life.

In a nutshell

Fun, relaxed, easy going yet you’ll design and reflect on (new) creative habits you can incorporate in your personal life while meeting like-minded people.

Why designing for creativity?

You can train creativity and even more importantly you can choose to live a creative life. It depends on how you go about certain things and also how you can tweak your daily routine to benefit creativity and creative confidence. We all have creative endeavors, ideas or projects - so why not take a moment and design a lifestyle that supports your creative goals?