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University & School Offers

+ Student & Educator Workshops

Workshops for students: We train and exercise design (thinking) skills and creative confidence in sessions from one to several hours. We can set a focus on a certain aspects e.g. idea generation or tackle a challenge as a whole.

Train the trainer: We prepare teachers and educators to provide basic training on design (thinking) and creativity to their students. In addition we facilitate sessions, where participants work on creative teaching techniques that they can use in their lectures and projects.

+ Learning Modules & Curricula

Learning modules: We design learning modules for students to train design-based entrepreneurial skills and creative confidence.

Curriculum design: We can help you to design and integrate design thinking and creativity training into your curriculum or teaching program.

+ Custom Projects & Talks

Custom projects:tell us about your project and let us co-create outstanding products, services and experiences around design, creativity and entrepreneurship education.

Talks:We give talks on creativity and design to your audience and hold impulse presentations for your team.


Project examples

Design thinking modules within a European-wide Education project for kids aged 10-14.

Learning experiences for university programs to spark creativity and skill sharing.

Transatlantic ideation session for an Entrepreneurship format connecting US students to Austrian students.

Creative confidence session for women within a Femme Entrepreneurship program.


Some of our happy clients and partners

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Selected works

Design Thinking Modules

(School curriculum, Workshops & Trainings)

IFTE, the vienna-based institute for teaching entrepreneurship, approached us to conceptualize a design thinking module for their European-wide education program Youthstart.

The goals was to research, to develop and to field-test design thinking challenges for kids aged 10-14. In total we developed four design thinking challenges, tested them in classrooms and conceptualized teaching material. The challenges are now implemented in formal education. 

WTZ Creative Skills Hub

(University program)

The WU Grรผndungszentrum, a unit of the university for business administration and management, asked us to design a 2-day learning experience for bachelor and master students with different fields of studies.

The aim was to bring business and arts students together and let co-design projects in the intersection of their studies. The format was designed in a way that encouraged students to share skills and change perspectives among each other. 


(Student Entrepreneurship Project)

WTZ Ost, a regional chapter of a national platform for knowledge transfer between universities and society, invited us among other facilitators, to lead a group of committed students through the process of idea generation for ideas to be worked on throughout the upcoming days. 

Spiced up with some insights on creativity, we supported the student teams to recognise problems worth tackling and prototyping rough ideas for their solution which were later pitched.