We are on a quest to explore, exercise and celebrate creativity. In our various formats we support people to express themselves through ideas and to live fuller and richer lives.

Spotlight is a project and meant as channel, that presents various ideas and interpretations on the prompt 'creativity'. With spotlight we want to feature the work of creatives who interpret the prompt in their creative ways on our website and social media pages for two weeks . 

That's our way to showcase and celebrate rad, unconventional, inspiring and funny interpretations from our community. Contributions can include illustrations, photography, animations, videos and much more.

Wanna be in the spotlight?

If you answer the following questions with yes, we should talk:

  • You have an existing work on the prompt creativity or are curious to create one

  • You like the idea, that we present your work to a curious audience via our website and social media and feature you in a blog post.
  • You dig our mission to explore creativity and raise awareness about it. 

Contact us if you want to present your work and have it featured on our website for two weeks or know someone who should: