Changemaker Card Game - An Entrepreneurial Education Project

It's done. After roughly one year from the idea to realisation, the Changemaker card game was presented at the 14th Entrepreneurship Summit in Vienna. This card game was dreamed up and co-created by IFTE (Institute for Entrepreneurship Education) and us, the Creativity Gym. 

In this blog post, as opposed to our regular blog posts on creativity, design and curiosity, we'd like to introduce the final project shortly. 

The Changemaker Card Game (110 Cards)

The Changemaker Card Game (110 Cards)

14th Entrepreneurship Summit, 24. November 2016

14th Entrepreneurship Summit, 24. November 2016


The card game is called Changemaker and is designed around the topic of Social Entrepreneurship. It is created as part of the YouthStart Entrepreneurial Challenges Program and as such will be part of the future Entrepreneurship Education in Austria and (hopefully) played in lots of classrooms. 

"Everyone a Changemaker"

- Bill Drayton, Founder of Ashoka

In our opinion, being a Changemaker is not limited to social entrepreneurs. In the spirit of Bill Drayton, the "Father of Social Entrepreneurship", we believe in the idea of "Everyone a Changemaker". As we see it, creating change and tackling (global) challenges at hand, can potentially be approached by everyone. Each person has the (creative) capacities to create change on a personal, societal or even global level.

This card game should inspire lots of youngsters to live up to that aspiration, to consider themselves as (potential) changemakers and to eventually create change in their field of interest. 

How the game works

Before creating the game, we were facing the following question: "How might we design something, that inspires as many young people as possible to create change?"

We thought that any solution should consider these 3 aspects:

  • Awareness
  • Best practices
  • Applicability


First, we considered raising awareness for the challenges in our society and on our globe as important step. Our world faces a lot of them: small, large, global, personal, societal, ...

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by the United Nations provide a good framework to talk about global challenges. On 1st of January 2016, the UN and its member states agreed on 17 goals, that should be achieved within a timeframe of 15 years (until 2030). Goals include, amongst others, "No poverty", "Quality education" as well as measures against "Climate change" or "Clean water and sanitation". Even though the goals are not legally binding for countries, each member state should take all the necessary measures to create positive change. 

Sustainable Development Goals by the UN

Sustainable Development Goals by the UN


We thought that for our game, these goals would provide a strong framework to talk about Social Entrepreneurship, impact and change. As our card deck is limited with 110 cards and we had a certain game design in mind, we had to focus on eight of these goals (1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 11, 12 and 13) albeit each of the goals are equally important. The SDGs are presented as quiz questions throughout the game. Right answers bring so called "Impact Points". The goal is that players first get a sense for the challenges that demand change.


Best practices

Secondly, we thought that providing inspiration was another important element for the game. After players learned about the SDGs and our global challenges, we wanted to trigger a sense of hope and inspiration. Therefore we researched 32 projects, organisations, start-ups and individuals, that already address one or more of the Global Goals. Those Changemakers and best practices serve as jokers during the game.

We wanted to present a cross section of remarkable projects and persons including small, sometimes local initiatives as well as big, global, social businesses and everything in between. Our hope is that players will consider any kind of positive action worth following. 



Eventually the game should draw parallels to the players' lives. The idea was to highlight the small personal changes that can create impact. Applicability also meant, to design a game that can be played within one lesson (50 minutes) and with that to take the school and classroom environment into account.

Therefore, 32 situation cards confront players with various situations. They either get or lose Impact Points that they collect throughout the game. This element of luck in the game design should add a bit tension (and also fun :). More importantly, however, these cards should inspire for actions that can be done or avoided by each of us. 



We hope that this card game inspires a lot of future Changemakers to consider various ways to create change. Some students might welcome the playful way of learning and 'simply' enjoy the game. Some others, and this is our hope, will start to think differently. Either by tweaking some personal habits in order to create positive impact, or by starting a whole new path and tackling the big challenges we are facing today.  Either way we hold on to the notion: Everyone a Changemaker.

As Creativity Gym our goal is to empower individuals with 21st century life skills and co-design the role of creativity, curiosity and design literacy in education and learning. If you are interested in a joint project, we would be happy to hear from you.

Stephan Kardos