Imagine a β€œgym” where you exercise your creativity. That’s us.


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We are obsessed with creativity.

That's why we created the Creativity Gym. The 'gym' is a place, community and project to explore, understand, exercise and celebrate creativity. We do that through various formats, learning experiences and projects.


We dream up diverse formats.

For our community we …

🧠 … run workshops on creativity (we call them Workouts),

πŸ“ … facilitate deep-dives in creativity and design topics (Labs),

🌈 … host a quarterly talk series (Creative Prism),

πŸ“š … organize book clubs (Bookmarked),

πŸŽ‰ … dream up various events on creativity (e.g. Salons).

For organizations we also …

⚑ … give lightning talks on creativity,

πŸŽ“ … design education programs and train teachers,

πŸ’‘ … facilitate innovation workshops for organizations.

What we also do is that we …

✏️ … experiment with and create projects,

🀝 … enter interesting collaborations,

πŸ€™ … build a community around creativity, 

... and much more.

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