Imagine a “gym” where you exercise your creativity. That’s us.


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We are obsessed with creativity.

That's why we created the Creativity Gym. The 'gym' is a place, community and project to explore, understand, exercise and celebrate creativity. We do that through various formats, learning experiences and projects.


Current Project

The Creativity Canvas sets out to support people through a common creativity understanding and a shared language.


We dream up diverse formats.

For our community we …

🧠 … run workshops on creativity (we call them Workouts),

📝 … facilitate deep-dives in creativity and design topics (Labs),

🌈 … host a quarterly talk series (Creative Prism),

📚 … organize book clubs (Bookmarked),

🎉 … dream up various events on creativity.

For organizations we also …

⚡ … give lightning talks on creativity,

🎓 … design education programs and curriculums to exercise creativity,

💡 … facilitate innovation workshops for organizations.

What we also do is that we …

✏️ … experiment with and realize projects (e.g. The Creativity Canvas),

🤝 … enter interesting collaborations,

🤙 … build a community around creativity, 

... and much more.

Read about why we think this is important here