Regular, accessible, mostly free community workouts.



Upcoming Workouts

Our Community Formats

+ Free Community Workouts

Our notorious community workouts are free, short (roughly 1.25h), monthly sessions.

They are similar yet always different and we currently experiment with the following run-down:

  • Intro - Small warm-up exercise (5 min)
  • Ideation - Idea generation training applying same technique (25 min)
  • Input - Varying theory input on creativity (15 min)
  • Community Exchange - people introduce their projects, we give feedback or simply mingle over a beer (30 min)

+ Events and Labs

We constantly, but irregularly, experiment with new event formats and labs where we explore certain skills in depth. Sometimes we invite fascinating speakers from our community, other times we organise space for you to learn and work collaboratively on your projects.

+ Talks

We love to talk about creativity and the design mindset.

Our input usually lasts between 30 minutes and an hour and are perfect as a kick-off for your workshop or event, for universities lectures or programs and all kind of organizations happenings.


The OpenIDEO Vienna Chapter is the local in-person version of the global OpenIDEO online community.

The goal is to create social impact around locally relevant challenges using human-centered design.

The local chapter was initiated by the Creativity Gym Vienna but is now run by a small committed core team that we coordinate.

New Format

Our latest experiment is a format called Creative Prism.

The aim is to quarterly highlight creative individuals from the community and showcase the broad range of ways to live a creative life. More info here.

More infos here.