"The Gym" is a community and place for curious people and changemakers.



The Why

Today, people often opt out of being creative and we easily lose our creative confidence.

Our innate ability to create novel ideas and our courage to try them are more hindered than empowered - this starts at school, continues throughout our profession and creeps into our everyday life.

Yet, we are all amidst a very important creativity project.  We are creating our lives, everyday. Creativity allows us to express ourselves and to act. A lack of creativity affects our lives and curbs our capacities as individuals and as society.

Creativity leads to fuller and richer lives and societies. 

Say 'Hello'

The Creativity Gym is a project that should allow for interested people, schools and universities and their students as well as organisations and companies to join our mission easily.

So don't hesitate to say 'hi' if you want to learn more about creativity and design in engaging formats, cooperate on a project, co-design a community workout or simply talk about creativity over a coffee.

The Mission

We set out to encourage as many people as possible to explore creativity and live a creative life.

Our mission is to propel the understanding, application and appreciation of creativity and design.

The Vision

Our starting point is that creativity leads to richer and fuller lives.

We pursue our mission to inspire others to build up, use and share their creative potential.

We envision a world where people create and motivate themselves and others to make the world a better place.

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My Story

  Stephan Kardos    Founder of The Creativity And Design Gym

Stephan Kardos 
Founder of The Creativity And Design Gym

"I started 'the gym' early 2014 as a side project which emerged from Open IDEO's 'creative confidence challenge'. My goal was to foster creative confidence and human-centered design in my local community. Since then I started and cooperated on lots of projects.

Since the beginnings I designed and facilitated 30+ community workouts, spoke about creativity in front of big and small audiences, co-created a card game on SDGs, designed a learning module for design thinking for european-wide education project, lectured in university programs, wrote on creativity, and much more.

All of things above seemed very unreal back in 2014. 

I wish for more people to regain their creative confidence because then, to quote David Kelley, "magic happens".